New electronic system 

The new CTF MEG

The New MEG by CTF

The best low-noise and stable MEG performance available in the world

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CTF MEG 275 

The highest level of MEG performance available in the world today.

  • Research Projects
  • Clinical Applications 
  • Functional Mapping 

The New DSQ 3500 Electronic System

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The CTF Advantage 

The quality of a MEG system is principally defined by its ability to detect brain signals and reject environmental noise. Only CTF employs a patented method of synthetically constructing higher-order gradiometers which are extremely effective at rejecting magnetic noise outside the brain region. This method does not require the operator to characterize noise in the local environment or to re-tune the system.


In both optimal and challenging magnetic environments, the low-noise and stable performance of the CTF MEG are unsurpassed. Read More

CTF Presents: The New 100% Helium Recovery System

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CMEG 151 & 275 Manufacturing & Installation

CTF offers a variety of turnkey solutions for MEG systems which may include:


  • New MEG System

  • Magnetic Shielded Room

  • Stimulus Package 

  • Helium Recovery System

  • Training Programs

  • Preventative 24/7 Service


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CTF offers an extensive on-site training program following installation. The training curriculum is highly flexible and is tailored to the customer's preferences and experience.


Following the training program, operators will be able to perform a wide variety of MEG examinations on their own, however additional consultation and collaboration is always available to ensure that your team can take full advantage of the CTF MEG SYSTEMS.


CTF has earned an outstanding reputation throughout the world for its quality service and customer care. Our company offers a wide range of on-site and remote services to assist in the set-up and ongoing support of your MEG system.


The CTF service team brings many years of experience and intimate knowledge of the CTF MEG and 4D Neuro-imaging product lines to each site.


With CTF, the engineering design team participates directly with customer service and support activities. We also offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program with 24/7 global emergency response and on-site service.

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