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For more than 25 years, CTF MEG has been the performance leader in MEG instrumentation for superior measurement of human brain function. CTF MEG instruments combined with robust CTF SQUID sensor technology, noise suppression methods, and instrument engineering have a well-earned reputation as the highest performing MEG systems available.

CTF MEG technology began its development in 1970. In those early years the underlying SQUID technology was employed in applications for geophysical exploration and non-destructive materials testing. Later, CTF engineers and physicists (under contract with the Canadian Department of National Defence) developed airborne submarine detection instrumentation. This technology was eventually incorporated into the world leading CTF magnetoencephalography (MEG) family of medical devices.

From this foundation of outstanding technical achievement, the CTF MEG technology has continued to improve the capabilities of pioneering researchers and leading clinicians in the exploration and treatment of the human brain.

In 2009, CTF acquired the assets of 4D Neuroimaging (San Diego, CA) and continues to offer service and support to 4D customers throughout the world.

Technology Highlights

1970: CTF incorporated.
1973: Canadian Department of National Defense program began.
1975: DSQ-100 SQUID control electronics introduced.
1978: DSQ-200 SQUID control electronics introduced.
1979: First three channel SQUID system built.
1980: First nine channel SQUID system built.
          First mobile SQUID system built.
          First biomagnetometer built.
1981: First 'rock' magnetometer for geological research built.
          DSQ-400 SQUID control electronics introduced.
1982: First hardware third order gradiometer system built.
1987: First software higher order gradiometer system built.
          High Temperature Superconductivity program began.
1992: First whole-cortex MEG system (64 channels) built.
          DSQ-800 fully digital SQUID control electronics introduced.
1994: First undersea gradiometer built.
1995: First 77K High Temperature Superconducting system built.
1996: First 143 channel MEG system built.
          First EEG system built.
          MEG/4 software package introduced.
1997: First airborne gradiometer built.
          First 151 channel adjustable (seated and supine) MEG system
2000: First investigational fetal MEG system introduced.
2001: DSQ-2000 SQUID control electronics introduced.
2004: DSQ-2005 SQUID control electronics introduced.
2007: CTF MEG technology acquired by MSC Corp.

2014: cMEG 275 channel adjustable (seated and supine).

2016 DSQ-3500 Electronic System

2019 The new clinically friendly cMEG 275 channel by CTF

CTF MEG history


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